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Pole Barns

Pole Barns are perfect for many different types of people. If you are looking for something to house your RV, boat, extra storage, tractor and farm supplies then you should consider hiring S and A Home Improvements the premier pole barn builders in Fort Wayne, IN. At S and A Home Improvements, our ability to customize your dream pole barn is just a phone call away. We work with all different types of materials to build any type of pole barn. S and A Home Improvements can build your pole barn into a home! You want open concept and we can do that for you with your fully customizable pole barn. When you hire S and A Home Improvements you can rest easy knowing we do not sub-contract our work at all. Every person to enter your home is an S and A Home Improvements employee.

Pole Barns


For a long time, garages have been just an unimaginative part someone’s home that people did not pay much attention to. Today, people are looking to use their garage as an extension of their home. S and A Home Improvements are the experienced company you need for any of your garage construction projects in Fort Wayne, IN. Whether you have had your garage forever and are looking for an upgrade or you are looking to build a garage for the first time, S and A Home Improvements is there to complete the job. We have a lot of experience in garage additions and can help you create your garage into a thing of beauty. You can rest easy with your garage in our hands. We work with all types of materials and fully customize your garage to your specifications.

Garage additions in Fort Wayne, IN


Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house, but you do not think of it much until something happens to it. We at S and A Home Improvements are here to help you with a roof replacement that will let you rest easy at night. We are fully licensed and all our roofs have a 10-year warranties. S and A Home Improvements uses materials from Owens Corning, named one of the world’s most ethical companies. We are qualified to take on any kind of roofing problem that you might have. S and A Home Improvements in Fort Wayne, IN can also work with all kinds of materials from shingles to metal. We have the ability to do it all. We can do a complete roof replacement for you.


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Are you looking for someone to do a quality fence instillation in Fort Wayne, IN? S and A Home Improvements has a lot of practice with fence instillation. We have the ability to use many types of materials to create that extra sense of privacy around your home. Let’s say a window breaks in your home, S and A Home Improvements have experience with replacement windows and can install them with ease in your home. Brand new siding instillation can also be done by S and A Home Improvements. Want to add build a new room in your house? Room additions are in our wheel house. Let’s add your perfect playroom or brand-new office together. The possibilities are endless. Have you ever looked at your backyard and noticed something was missing? S and A Home Improvements can build you a fully customized back deck. All of these things and more are available to you.

Other Services

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Is now the perfect time to invest in your home? Do you need extra storage space or a complete home renovation? S & A Home Improvements is a general contractor in Fort Wayne, IN with nearly two decades of experience. We take on a wide range of home improvement projects, including:

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